Ref: JSEE-14

Ref: JSEE-14

£190 / 6 Months

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Champion & Wilton Side Saddle

Length: 16.5″
Seat Width: 11”
Fitting: Medium/Wide
Point to Point: 17.5"

Saddle Status: Currently on hire
Do you hire side saddles nationally? We currently hire side saddles all over the United Kingdom. How much does it cost for delivery/collection? Delivery and collection by courier will be charged at £50 each way. If you require a personal fitting service, we can provide this at a cost of £35 plus mileage at a rate of £0.45 per mile over 10 miles. Can I trial the side saddle to see if it fits my horse? If we are unable to provide a fitting service, we offer a 2-week trial period free of charge to give you a chance to get the saddle checked by your local saddler or instructor who understands side saddles. A list of qualified side saddle instructors can be found on the side saddle association website. How do I work out what size of side saddle I require? If you are unsure of what size side saddle you require, please download our measurement guide. What happens if my horse changes shape and my saddle no longer fits? Please contact us to discuss your options. What methods of payment options are available? Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal. We may charge a little extra if you use PayPal in order to cover the interest charges. What equipment comes with the hiring of a side saddle? All our side saddles come with a 3-fold leather girth, balance strap, stirrup leather and iron. We may charge a little extra for a numnah or riser pad. Can I pay in instalments instead of a paying all of the hire fee at once? Interest free payment plans are available over the period of hire; however, each request will be considered on an individual basis. Who is responsible for insuring the side saddle? The hirer is responsible for insuring the side saddle & equipment. We can provide a valuation letter for insurance purposes. The hirer has full responsibility for the side saddle & equipment whilst it is in their possession. Do I have to sign a contract? All side saddle hires will require a signed hire agreement. Click here to view a sample agreement. What if the saddle requires repairs whilst in my possession? Please speak with us first and we will advise accordingly. Do I need to do anything special to look after my side saddle? All hired side saddles come with a guide about how to care for your side saddle.