Just-So what is it?

Just-So Equestrian Events offer you the chance to compete from anywhere in the world

Nobody could have foreseen the circumstances we currently find ourselves living in and we are all still coming to terms with how life as we knew it is rapidly changing. It’s a worrying time and many of you will have other things on your mind at the moment, but there will be others who are missing their regular trips out to dressage competitions.

If you’re one of those who wants to keep competing, getting valuable feedback from judges and winning rosettes, and have access to a school or flat piece of land, we have the solution!

 Just So Equestrian Events monthly Virtual Dressage competitions offer you the chance to compete from the comfort of your own yard at a time to suit you, win beautiful rosettes and receive constructive and encouraging feedback from our carefully selected team of judges.

Entering is simple. All you need is a flat piece of ground with a marked out dressage arena and a digital video camera to film your test.

  • Step 1: Read the RULES
  • Step 2: Record your test (Hints & Tips)
  • Step 3: Upload your test to YouTube
  • Step 4: Enter Online
  • Step 5: Start practicing next month’s test whilst you wait for your results

We hold monthly competitions with 6 class levels with long and short arena options (Intro, Progression, Prelim, Novice, Elementary and Medium).

Entries will open on the 1st of every month and close at midnight on the last day of the month. Class sizes will be limited to 25 and if more than 25 entries are received in any class then we will split the class into sections to give everyone a chance of a winning place.