Just-So you know

Condition of Entry

  1. Entries must be made via the online entry system by the relevant closing date.
  2. No refund of entry fees will be made unless a veterinary or medical certificate is produce; in which case 50% of the entry fee will be returned.
  3. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry without stating a reason.
  4. British Dressage rules apply. No horse or pony under the age of 4 may compete
  5. All riders MUST wear a hard hat when mounted anywhere on the showground and WILL result in disqualification for those who do not comply. Competitors must be correctly dressed for their class and the organisers of Just-So Equestrian Events strongly advise riders to wear British Standard safety hats with a suitable safety harness when mounted.
  6. Misuse of whips and spurs will entail immediate disqualification.
  7. The judge’s decision is final.
  8. Objections must be lodges with the Secretary, in writing, with a deposit of £20 within 15 minutes of the incident occurring. The deposit will only be returned of the objection is upheld.
  9. Any person(s) riding in a manner likely to endanger the safety of themselves or others will be asked to dismount and leave the showground.
  10. Any person or vehicle/horse/pony in their charge seen damaging the venue of the show will be held responsible for the cost of reinstating the damage and charged accordingly.
  11. The organisers reserve the right to cancel any aspect of the show at any time, due to circumstances beyond their control. In the event of cancellation, entry fees will be refunded minus a £2 administration fee.
  12. Lunging is not allowed on any part of the showground
  13. Competitors are asked not to muck out horse boxes/trailers on the showground and to take their litter home with them or use the bins provided.
  14. No dogs are allowed other than within the confines of the owner’s vehicle.
  15. Health & Safety – the organisers of the event have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health & safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents and must obey the instructions of the organisers/officials or stewards.
  16. Disclaimer of Liability – the organisers, their servants or venue owner shall not be held responsible for any person, whatsoever whilst on the showground or whilst entering or exiting the same for any death, injury, loss or damage to any competitors, grooms, onlookers, their property, vehicle/horses/ponies. Every competitor/owner shall be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may be done to or occasioned by, arising from any animal, vehicle, article or property exhibited or brought onto the showground by them. It shall be a condition of entry that each entrant shall indemnify and hold blameless the organisers, their servants and the venue owners from and against any legal action, expenses, claims on account of or in respect of any such damage or injury which maybe caused or occasioned at any show.

Entry shall imply knowledge and acceptance of all of the above.