Just-So feeling the beat

Why not let us help you design & produce your dressage to music test?

We offer a variety of services to help you with your dressage to music test and music, whether it is the first time you have competed or if you are an experienced competitor who wants something new.

Music Mixing from £50

We can mix and produce your chosen music onto cds ready for your competition. For us to do this for you, you will need to supply your cd(s) listing nominated tracks and your timings for each segment and the order in which they are to be mixed.

Music Matching from £100

We will select music for you to match your horses paces, type and personality. We will endeavour to give you at least 2 choices for each pace and if required are willing to make personal visits to meet you and your horse and watch you working to take accurate details of your horses BPM (beats per minute) in each pace. We will discuss with you any preferences you may have for themes or styles of music and will source music if you do not already have your own copy of a cd that has the track(s) you want us to use.

To enable us to provide you with this service, if we have not made a personal visit, you will need to supply us with a video of the test you will be riding to music filmed from ‘C’ in the dressage arena plus the BPM of each of your horses paces.

Please Note: if you wish us to visit you there will be an additional charge according to distance travelled to your premises.

The Full Monty from £150

Test Design and Choreography, Music Matching, Mixing and Production

For this service to ensure the best possible results, you will need to work with dressage arena that is accurately laid out to the dimensions of the arena you will be competing in – i.e. 20m x 40m or 20m x 60m. We will work with you and your horse to choreograph your test and then provide you with a printed floor plan sheet for reference.

The next stage is to choose your music. We will liaise with you in the selection process so as to find music that suits your horses paces and personality and you will feel inspired to ride your test to!

We will then mix and record your music and send you 2 copies of your final music disc –1 master and one all important spare copy!

We will also ensure you have all the information you need to compete including information and the paperwork you need to apply for your Music Licence from British Dressage which you will need to compete.

Please Note: there will be an additional mileage charge according to distance travelled to your premises for this service

What Next?

If you are interested in any of the above services and would like to find out more, please go to the CONTACT US page. We will call you back to discuss your requirements, dates & cost of your selected service.